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T-ara’s Eunjung says goodbye to ‘Yoon Baek Hee’

After concluding “Dream High” this week, T-ara’s Eunjung underwent an image transformation to signify the end of her role.

On March 2nd, she wrote on her Twitter, “Dyed my hair and painted my nails. The day after I said goodbye to ‘Yoon Baek Hee’… hehehe.

Fans commented in response, “You lost a lot of weight~”, “Goodbye Baekhee, Hello Eunjung~”, and “Still so beautiful”.

Before she revealed her transformation, the star wrote an honest confession about her feelings on concluding the drama. She tweeted, “I feel so uneasy, I can’t fall asleep.

After thanking her castmates and staff members, Eunjung continued, “We all had such a great atmosphere. I grew so affectionate towards everyone, I really will miss you all. For the past four months, ‘Yoon Baek Hee’… I think I’ve kept her inside of my heart, it hurts. I feel sorry that I couldn’t do her better, or maybe it’s just subconscious disappointment. I’m tearing up a bit today. But thanks to all of you, it was really fun. Thank you so much.

She concluded, “Thank you so much to everyone who hated and loved ‘Baek Hee.’

Once she found out that netizens made a love line between her and Apjung, she commented, “Baek Hee <3 Apjung? Sure, thank you for the couple line. Yeah yeah, pfft! I’m so lonely!

Sources: akp, nate, nate
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