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Even their sleeping poses are syncronized!!

Seoul, Korea —

Picture of members Sung Kyu and Dong Woo in their waiting room revealed “Sleep with discipline!” 

A picture of seven-member ‘idol’ group, Infinite, in their waiting room was revealed.

The picture is of the leader Sung Kyu and rapper Dong Woo sleeping in their waiting room during their busy schedule with their title song “BTD” of their second mini-album and was revealed online.

Sung Kyu and Dong Woo are sleeping but are receiving attention because their poses are identical.

It is as if they are sleeping with discipline, as they are famous for their disciplined dance, where the dances of all seven members are exactly synchronized. Netizens gave them the nickname, “Disciplined Sleep Terminators.”

Netizens who saw the picture said: “Completely out cold with discipline.” “Must be so tired…they look pitiful.” “Infinite is full of charisma even during their sleep.”

Infinite is currently active in not only music programs but also with entertainment programs with “BTD,” their title song from their second mini album.

By Yoon Bora (bora@jtn.co.kr)


Source: JTN (Original article in Korean)
Photo from JTN DB
Translated by Sung Kyu Chang /

Aww... my poor babies (T_T)
Until they get to the first place and change dorm there won't be any time for them to get some proper rest (>.<)

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