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New girl group Swincle revealed

The new girl group Swincle has finally unveiled its five members and their roles.

Having been trained intensely for the last two years in singing and dancing, Swincle is comprised of rapper Mika (21), Jihee (19), main vocal Songhee (22), leader Jisoo (20), and vocal Haeran (21). It is said that they all have unique personalities, ranging from cute to confident.

Their agency, Kant Entertainment, stated, “Swincle wants to be like KARA in terms of musicality. They currently lack too much to match KARA’s reputation, but their powerful, cute, and confident image can surely captivate the fans“.

They also added, “Swincle finished recording and mastered the choreography in January, but considering the KARA issue, we delayed their debut to March“.

In mid-March, Swincle will release their mini album “Shake Ur Body” online, and will actively promote the album.

On the other hand, Swincle’s leader, Jisoo, is gaining attention for reportedly having trained to debut as a Rainbow member.
Kant Entertainment announced, “The leader of Swincle is Jang Jisoo, who trained with DSP Media to debut as a Rainbow member“.

Top Left, Clockwise: Mika, Jihee, Songhee, Haeran, JiSoo

Source: DIPTS, Newsen via Nate and allkpop
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