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Changmin and Kyuhyun love each other, sky is blue, etc.


Leeteuk: Kyuhyun-shi is going to challenge (the game). Who are you going to give a call to?
Kyuhyun: DBSK'S Choikang Changmin.
Eunhyuk: Now I'm just feeling~ (Kyuhyun joins in, making fun of Changmin's line in "Keep Your Head Down.")
Kyuhyun: Yes, I'm going to give calling him a try.
Eunhyuk: If you can succeed in less then 28 seconds, you'll beat the record.
Kim Bosung: Like before, should I pitch in and help? (Before, he helped the other guest by yelling and stuff in the background, making it sound like the guest was being beat up/threatened, lol.)
Kyuhyun: I'm going to try for being really serious instead.

(Stuff is said, I don't really know, not important!)

Changmin: Hello?
Kyuhyun: Hello?
Changmin: ... Hello?
Kyuhyun: Hello?
Changmin: Who are you? (informally) Who?
Kyuhyun: It's Kyuhyun...
Changmin: (mumbling) What?
Kyuhyun: I changed my number...
Changmin: Ah, really?
Kyuhyun: Instead of that, right now I... (sigh) I'm really desperate right now... Could you come here?
Changmin: Why, where are you?
Kyuhyun: I'm in Sangam-dong.. Ahhh...
Changmin: Why are you in Sangam-dong?
Kyuhyun: It'd be nice if you came, now... I can't really talk right now (?) so you need to come here.
Kim Bosung: (acting as a bad guy) Yah!
Kyuhyun: Acckkk- (cry of pain, lol) Changmin-ah!
Changmin: Hello?
Kyuhyun: Hurry and come, please.
Yesung: (playing along as a bad guy) Are you on the phone right now?
Kyuhyun: Ahh, sorry sorry-
Kim Bosung: Euah! (rofl random angry sound!)
Changmin: (in the background) What what what?
Kyuhyun: Seriously, hurry up and come, really -
Yesung: (as a bad guy still) You're on the phone though!
Kyuhyun: No no, I'm not -
Changmin: Kyuhyun-ah? Where are you?
Kyuhyun: Sangam-dong, the World Cup Stadium.
Changmin: The World Cup Stadium?
Kyuhyun: Yeah.
Changmin: Are you going to be there?
Kyuhyun: Yeah, I'm gonna be here for a while.
Changmin: You didn't call any other people?

(everyone dies of laughter)

Kim Bosung: Hurry up and finish!
Kyuhyun: Yah, you really need to come here, now!
Changmin: Yah! Okay okay, I'm taking off right now, hang up.

(Success! Everyone claps!)

Leeteuk: Changmin-shi, hello!
Changmin: ... (silence - he's hung up because he's on his way to 'save' Kyuhyun, lol)
Kyuhyun: He hung up!

(Everyone laughing! Kyuhyun calls back!)

Kyuhyun: Hello?
Leeteuk: Changmin-shi?
Changmin: Yah? Where are you, yah- (to Kyuhyun, still thinking something's wrong)
(Everyone laughing)
Leeteuk: Changmin-shi! Hello!
Changmin: Hello?
Leeteuk: This is Super Junior's Foresight!
Changmin: ... (busts out laughing)
Eunhyuk: He seems to be running over right now!
Leetuek: Ah Changmin-shi! After picking up Kyuhyun's call -
Changmin: What, what is all a lie?
Kim Sungsoo: Yeah, it was all a lie.
Leeteuk: Actually, it was a mission for the show - having someone answer and say "Where are you, I'll go there."
Changmin: Ah, really?
Leeteuk: Yes.
Changmin: (more laughing)
Kyuhyun: Yah, right now is not the time to say "ohh" I'm in last place!
Changmin: You're in last place?
Kyuhyun: Yeah, I'm in last place right now!

Changmin: (this is mumbled, I don't know roughly:) I'm supposed to be on my way to (something) and then you called and said I had to come, you did!
Leeteuk: (to Changmin) Changmin-shi and Kyuhyun-shi are best friends, right? (Like, asking if they've always been best friends, outside of broadcast, on their own time, etc.)
Changmin: Yes, we're best friends. He's my man! (Said in a way usually meant to mean "boyfriend" haha~)
Leeteuk: Okay, Changmin-shi, thank you very much for talking to us, though you're hurt/sick, we hope you do well in your activities!
Changmin: Please edit this well!

Kyuhyun: Changmin-ah, thanks~
Changmin: Welcome. I love you~!
Kyuhyun: I love you~!

Leeteuk: Yesung-shi, how long did that take?
Yesung: I actually forgot and pressed the start button pretty late but... it took 2 minutes and 4 seconds!
Kim Bosung: Actually, watching this, I was really touched. Because, even though he had a schedule, he was still willing to drop everything and come right away. It was really cool.

Credit: RaiBaka (video), woncheol (transcript)

First post here and I'm kind of terrified but really, who can deny the love that is Changkyu?

Tags: bromance / lady love, dong bang shin ki, kyuhyun, max/shim changmin, super junior, tv shows

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