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Cube is better than your oppars & unnirs company

[Cookie Entertainment] Group BEAST and G.NA have participated in Fukuyama Masaharu’s (Actress and Singer songwriter) remake album.

BEAST and G.NA had each sung the remake version of the song included in her special album ‘With Special Guests – Fukuyama Masaharu’ which contains a compilation of the songs she created in her 20 years of singing and songwriting.

BEAST had sung the remake version of Fukuyama’s best hit song and drama OST '虹'(Niji: Rainbow). G.NA’s remake song was ‘Milk Tea' which is about a female talking about her feelings towards love, and G.NA portrayed the song is a new view with her loving voice.

Meanwhile, BEAST had gained popularity by placing third in the DVD Oricon chart with ‘Genesis of BEAST’ and they are planning for an official album release in mid-March.

G.NA had placed 1st in many music programs with her title song ‘BLACK & WHITE’ and is fulfilling her schedules with excitement.

Source; Daum News, B2STRISING
Translation; yongism@B2STRISING

Tags: foreign celebrities,, highlight

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