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this is an onew post

Having originally aired on February 26th, a clip from school variety show ‘100 Points Out of 100‘ is heating up the internet. The clip shows all the cast members from the show dancing to SHINee’s ‘Ring Ding Dong‘.

Onew first teaches B2ST’s Yoseob, officially known as the program’s ‘dance copy machine’, the popular dance and the two hit it off. miss A’s Min then jumps out to the stage, showing off her own powerful version of the dance to everyone’s delight.

The atmosphere gets hot, and the entire cast decides to jump in, with Tony Ahn dancing to his oily version, while Shin Young shows off her ‘ahjumma’ style. The clip ends with everyone dancing to ‘Ring Ding Dong’, Bollywood style.

"Hello, Everyone~.
This is SHINee’s Leader, Onew ^▽^

Is everyone fine even though the cold weather is still continuing?
Please be careful and [do not] catch a cold ~

everyone~ "health is no. 1"
Today, I’m going to show you 1 picture from the event.
Please wait for me ~ ^^ I’m still going to upload more pictures~ ^▽^"

Hello~ it's SHINee's leader Onew. Oh ho x 3
Because Minho's mic didn't have sound (during Mucore), so I gave my mic to him. Everyone seems to have exaggerated since we just did this naturally by carrying on and speaking through the mics. If we didn't speak, we would be using the mics of the people next to us. But anyway, thank you so much for praising me! The weather is changing now so be careful of a cold and please continue to support us! I love you all!

source: dub.dothome
chinese trans: For_SHINee_World @ weibo

sauces: star call and translation: vivioncifer, 4everkpopgirl5, shinee shawols 1, 2
Tags: highlight, miss a, onew, shinee

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