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Reporter Urges Idols To Follow Shinhwa's Example

The words of Kim Dongwan, a member of the 6-member pioneer idol group Shinhwa, have raised interest again.

Having made their debut in 1998, Shinhwa will celebrate their 13th anniversary this year. At the moment half of the group – Lee Minwoo, Junjin and Andy – are currently serving their military duties. However, the name ‘Shinhwa' still comes up among music fans, and often gets mentioned by their idol group juniors.

Although Shinhwa as a group has experienced difficult problems and incidents that other idol stars would not even experience once in their lives, they have a passion towards music and the stage that makes people forget about these incidents. Despite the good looks of all 6 members, they still come across as being approachable. Despite the scandals and gossip, Shinhwa remains to be an idol group that cheers up the fans.

If one were to say that H.O.T had a strong elite image, then Shinhwa has a style that's closer to being "warmhearted bad boys".

In the past 10 or so years, Shinhwa, together with their management companies and their managers, have experienced many things. Sometimes they fight, at other times they drink together happily. Now in their early 30s, the members always express their gratitude to the people around them.

On the 1 March episode of SBS's "Strong Heart", Kim Dongwan said, "What I felt the most when I was serving as a public service officer, was that our work (in showbiz and entertainment) is really well-paying. I realize that although I don't see them, there are many people who are working for me. And I feel their value even more and I'm even more grateful to them."

For Kim Dongwan, Eric, Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Junjin and Andy, their best moment in showbiz was of course getting first place (Daesang) at the year-end music awards as Shinhwa.

At that time, they were involved in a contractual dispute with their previous management company (SM Entertainment). But with the team who had been with the Shinhwa members since their first management company and who set up their second management company Good Entertainment, whenever there was any unhappiness they would all resolve it and talk it out over a round of drinks. Thus, all problems were resolved at the earliest stage. Such situations took place among the members too. Eventually, trust and affection was naturally built up.

As the years slip away, the Shinhwa members, who have spent 14 years together, keenly feel how precious their work and the people around them are; and Kim Dongwan has openly expressed this.

The Shinhwa members have all left Good Entertainment. Because Good Entertainment is no longer in existence. But all six members are still working with the people from Good Entertainment.

Kim Dongwan and Shin Hyesung are now signed to a company set up by one of the Good Entertainment directors (Mr Lee); Andy is signed to a company set up by another Director Lee from Good Entertainment; Eric is in a company run by a former Good Entertainment section chief; and Junjin is with a company set up by CEO Jang whom Shinhwa has established ties with since their debut.

The recent disputes between idol groups and their management have been compared to Shinhwa's case, and before they argue over who's right and who's wrong, these idol groups – for the sake of their future – should seriously think about the steps that Shinhwa has taken and the words that Kim Dongwan has said.

2012 will mark the year of Shinhwa's comeback to the music scene.

Source: Star News
Translation: AbsolutShinhwa

Many international fans have been confused about what happened to Good Entertainment and now we finally know!

And of course, Shinhwa is flawless, amazing, going to have the most epic comeback ever, etc.

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