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Dalmatian continue to prove they're dorks.

As if they are spotted everywhere, Dalmatian consists of talented members as they will awaken the music industry with their loud voices. With the longest years being 9 years and the others an average of 5, you can tell from one glance that they’re no ordinary group. They don’t appeal to masculinity through their muscles nor do they stir up the instincts of their fans through their cute smiles.

All the members have skills in producing and composing lyrics as well as knowing how to create complete songs. Their skills are no joke. However, their appearance of looking like goofballs is a deception as they’re full of loyalty. It took over 5 years for the group to make their debut with the eldest hyung Inati being the center and adding the youngest member Daniel into the team.

They were boisterous on the day of their music video filming and recording for their first comeback performance. There was no moment for them to be quiet. The staff consistently held onto their belly buttons from falling off with the joking around from the members.

Recently having released their mini album, Dalmatian gained attention through their songs and while Sports Korea took a peak at their comeback.


# We’ll introduce our 7th member

Their 7th member as well as their mascot is “Bbangku.” The members adopted “Bbangku” for their music video in which they released September of last year and is still living with him today. Although Bbangku makes the dorm messy, he takes a lot of pride in being the mascot.

# After 48 hours passing by

The filming for the music video took over 48 hours to complete. However, the members showed no sign of exhaustion. Fitting with the concept of the song, Dari, who had on an extravagant outfit in matching with the concept of the song, never lost his smile in always sticking with Jeesu like the “close friends” they are.

# The rap guru turns into a ‘cold city man’

Day Day, who was the rap teacher for 2PM, Miss A, Sistar, and other groups, transformed into a ‘cold city man’ for the music video. With the nice looking sports car in the background, he enjoys a cup of coffee in ease.

# Is it a balloon? Or is it his hair?

Youngwon who became a hot issue for his blue hair style holds balloons in his spotted outfit. The image of him holding balloons and standing almost seem as if he was a character in a children’s tale.

# Kim Joo Day and Gil Ji Su?

Jeesu and Day Day reenacted a scene of the drama . Day Day unfolds the wrinkles on Jeesu’s forhead as Day Day quotes the line from Kim Joo Won, “What’s so dangerous even in your dream?” in which Jeesu replies like Gil Ra Im does by saying, “Because you’re in my dream,” ending the scenario comically.

# The leader’s force

Leader Inati who is awaiting their comeback stage is currently getting his makeup done. While getting his makeup done, he never lets go of the recorded video from their rehearsal. He shows a leader-like image.

# We’re coming for you!

The bad-boy group Dalmatian show their resolutions in awaiting their comeback stage. From their bright smiles to their nervousness in their eyes along with their hand signs at ease, you can feel the force of a team who has prepared for over 5 years.

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