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SNSD is ‘Oh!mazing’ for their latest Domino’s Pizza CF

SNSD has teamed up with Domino’s Pizza again to deliver a fun new CF!

On March 4th, the pizza franchise revealed SNSD’s “Oh!mazing Festival” CF, their third release in their endorsement series with the girls.

This time, Yuri, Jessica, Tiffany, YoonA, and Sooyoung introduce Domino’s Pizza’s latest event with their song “Oh!“playing in the background. The “Oh!mazing Festival” is an event for which the prices of their top 5 pizzas get slashed by 5,000 won.

So, why call it the “Oh!mazing Festival”?

It’s because ‘oh‘ in Korean means ‘5′, so the marketing team decided to use 5 SNSD members in their CF to relay the 5,000 won discount message for their five pizzas.

Viewers who caught the commercial commented, “This CF is even sweeter than the previous CFs“, “Seeing that 4 members are not included, will there be another version?“, and “Oh!mazing girls!
This Domino’s Pizza event will take place for 55 days, beginning March 4th.

Credit: AKP
Original Article: NATE
Video: choisooyoungchannel4
Tags: cf, girls generation

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