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Hyoyoung expresses thoughts on her twin sister Hwayoung becoming a T-ara member

During a recent interview with Newsen,Co-Ed/5dolls’s Hyo Young revealed that she feels no jealously towards her twin sister Hwa Young, who was recently added as the new 7th member of T-ara.

Being the older of the two, there could have been possibilities of Hyo Young becoming jealous of her younger twin for being put in a more successful group before her. However, Hyo Young shut down all speculations as she stated, “She got put in a pre-existing successful group, so there’s a high probability that she’s going to do well. I’d rather pave my own path towards success.

Fellow 5dolls member Soomi added, “When I asked Hyo Young if she ever wanted to be a part of T-ara, she said she’d rather rise up to success from scratch instead of being added in a group.

According to the members, despite being twins, Hwa Young and Hyo Young have completely different personalities. Hyo Young laughed and said, “To be honest, I’m always arguing with her and it’s the other members who have to break up the fight.” The members added, “Hyo Young is really mature. While Hwa Young acts cute, Hyo Young gives her a lot of advice and takes care of her well. Rather than being a three minute older sister, she seems like a three year older sister.

Hyo Young had been healing from a leg injury while preparing for 5dolls’s new album. Although not completely recovered, Hyo Young still agreed to push on with the unit group’s promotions. “It’s hard on me, but I can’t help it. I don’t want it to affect the team when everyone else is tired too.”

Soomi stated, “During our practices, we felt sorry for her whenever we saw her putting effort in not trying give harm to the team, even with her injured leg. At the beginning, she didn’t tell us anything and found time to practice by herself, but we thought she was just being lazy and goofing around. We felt really sorry when she cried to us and told us she was hurting.

5dolls is currently promoting for their two title tracks from their debut unit album, “I Mean You” and “Lip Stain”. The members expressed, “I think we’ll be able to show a newer image of ourselves that we couldn’t display during promotions with Co-Ed. We will work hard to develop from good rookies to good singers.

Sources: akp, nate
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