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Your weekly Kwanghee Post.

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee has become a household name on variety programs for his hilarious antics and shocking confessions. He’s now the #1 most sought after guest, and is even lined up to make a cameo appearance on KBS’s upcoming drama, “Homicide Division.”

When asked about previously headlining for his plastic surgery confessions, he revealed, “There’s nothing bad about it. My agency told me to stop talking about it on shows at first, but it ended up working out because everyone enjoyed it. I made enough money to pay my parents back for the money they spent on my plastic surgery (laughter). The only thing I’m worried about is misleading others into thinking that plastic surgery is an easy decision. Everyone, please think hard before you make your decision!”

His popularity is now akin to that of 2AM’s Jo Kwon, as both are now known for their famous ‘kkap’ and witty speech. “Kang Ho Dong senior said that he’d help me and told me to read a lot of books. Park Ji Sung’s book is practically my bible, and I’ve engraved his words, ‘You have to run when you’re young, do not rest,’ into my heart.”

His reason for appearing on so many variety programs, however, is to get ZE:A more widely known. With ‘variety idol’ dominating his image, he was later met with controversies surrounding his vocal talent. “It’s definitely something I need to work on, and I am rehearsing a lot. We’ll be coming back with an official album around mid-March, so please look forward to us.”

When asked what he had to give up in order to gain fame, he replied, “Love and freedom. I broke up with my girlfriend eight months before our debut. My official ideal woman is f(x)’s Krystal, but maybe it’s because I’m like an unni to her, because she doesn’t get nervous at all around me.”

Kwang Hee’s goal for the year is a sitcom appearance. He explained, “I want to appear in ‘High Kick,’ so I’m currently in a meeting for that. I’m also in discussion for ‘We Got Married.’ I’d like to receive an album award at the year-end as well."

Sources:Donga via. Naver+Allkpop

we got married you say? 
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