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Heechul becomes the leader of Super Junior for a day, plus Yunho in boxers

Super Junior
has revealed a new team rule called, “HeeMalBub” which means “Whatever leader Heechul says is law”.


On March 4th, Heechul tweeted,

After playing rock-paper-scissors, I became today’s leader. Unlike sweet sorbet-like Leeteuk, I will lead like a powerful Cheongyang chili pepper. You must converse only with my permission, and have to act according to my gestures.

Soon after, Shindong tweeted photos of himself, Leeteuk and Yesung saying,

If leader Heechul says to laugh, we have to laugh (in the middle of obeying)

HeeMalBub: Whatever leader Heechul says is law… is it a good thing??ㅠㅠ

Meanwhile on March 4th, a pre-debut photo of TVXQ’s Yunho, Heechul, and Yesung surfaced on the internet, and has been the source of much netizen buzz.

In the photo from the past, Yunho is found in his boxers, holding a carton of milk. Standing beside him are Heechul and Yesung in their training wear. Although they’re wearing comfortable clothing, they managed to give off a charismatic feel to the photo by gazing intently into the camera.

Fan reactions to the photo were varied, and apparently explosive, with one fan commenting, “What’s with the people swearing after seeing this picture? I think Jung Yunho looks fresh and cute.


Source: allkpop, Sports Seoul via Nate, DongA Ilbo via Nate

I kind of wish he would've done something more extreme, but thankfully the youngins were spared from Heechul's wrath

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