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5flops wants to rival/surpass T-ara

Co-Ed’s girl group unit 5dolls revealed their ambitions for their future in the music industry.
The five-member group revealed the dance song “I Mean You” in the middle of February, and made their debut with the release of their mini album, which they are currently in midst of promoting.
You could say that 5dolls aren’t necessarily rookies though, as Soo Mi, Chan Mi, Hyo Young, Hye Won made their debut under the 10-member group Co-Ed last year, and Soo Mi was a former member of the 3-member female vocal group SeeYa in 2009.

However, the determination 5dolls possesses is even more rookie-like than other rookies, and the reason is that they didn’t necessarily live up to the expectations they were given by the public when they had made their debut under Co-Ed. They were even victimized by malicious rumors, but that only drove 5dolls to try harder.

“We thought of it as if we do well now, we can do well with Co-Ed also. We were sure of our confidence. Prior to our debut, we practiced our singing and dancing a lot. Also, since we’re a girl group, we can show a more cute and feminine image, something you couldn’t see in Co-Ed”, said Chan Mi about their potential.
Having the popular girl group T-ara under Core Contents Media with them have been a good stimulant for 5dolls.
Soo Mi said, “The older and younger girls of our seniors T-ara give us lots of advice” and “Our seniors T-ara is a team that provokes us well, and one day we want to be an amazing girl group that can surpass them at least once.”
There’s a lot more to rivaling T-ara though, as Hyo Young’s younger twin sister Hwa Young is in the group.

Hyo Young said, “I want to rival my younger sister Hwa Young” and “We’re both rappers of our respective teams, so there’s more rivalry between us.”

The members of 5dolls also had their respective new beginnings with the group, adding onto the reasons of why their debut album is even more endearing to them.
Hye Won said, “Chan Mi graduated high school with Eun Kyo, and I graduated middle school” and “As we take new beginnings, we are promoting ‘I Mean You’ with a joyful heart”.
Eun Kyo, who is newly added to the group and is known for her dancing skills, said, “I’m happy to attend An Yang Arts High School with Hye Won” and “I’m doing my best in enjoying the stage with this set of mind.”

Finally, 5dolls revealed that they would like to receive a rookie award in the female group category, and even strive to win first on a music program.

Pictures at the source.
Source: Naver AKP

Like their title song though, whatever it's called too many translations for it.
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