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INFINITE begins Japanese promotions with CD rentals, the first for Korean artist in Japan

Having completed their “Before the Dawn” promotions, INFINITE is now looking forward to their Japanese debut next month, and they plan on using a unique Japanese promotional system that other Korean artists haven’t made use of yet.

Although they’ve yet to officially debut, the group is already garnering favorable signs of success, as their singles “TO-RA-WA” and “She’s Back” ranked first on music.jp’s ringtone charts.


On March 6th, representatives of Woollim Entertainment spoke with Star News and revealed, “They haven’t begun promotions yet, but interest from both Japanese music representatives and fans remains high.  One major record store chain has a separate corner made specifically for INFINITE.”

Since their official Japanese album has yet to be released, the group is utilizing Japan’s CD rental system to promote their music.  CD rentals are a widespread promotional tactic used by Japanese artists, but INFINITE is the first Korean artist to make use of it. The group aims to spread awareness about their music to both fans and music aficionados alike, particularly since they’ll also be holding their debut Japanese showcase next month.

Woollim continued, “Their modern, pop-style music must’ve worked with the Japanese fans. We decided that we would rather they judge INFINITE through their music [as opposed to other qualities], so we prioritized a rental promotion before their official album release.”

With the Japanese releases of “BTD” and “Hysterie“, INFINITE will be promoting through various showcases and music programs starting April 2nd.


Source + Photos: Star News via Daum allkpop

I wish they didn't use "TO-RA-WA" as their japanese version for Come Back Again ^^;
So, basically it's like renting a dvd for a movie at a dvd rental store. That's how i understand it.

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