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G-Sus saves a child @ Big Show!

[FANACCOUNT] G-Dragon saves a child @ 2011 Big Show!

I am someone who went to Big Show.

I went to the first concert(Day 1) with my family and we were on the 3rd floor.
During the concert, my child suddenly said he/she(gender was not specified) had to go to the restroom, so we went out and were on our way back when the stairway leading back up(to the 3rd floor) was crowded. And with no other choice, I carried my child and just waited at the bottom of the staircase for it to clear up.

Just then, I realized that Big Bang was on the third floor, running around the pathways for their performance.

I think it might have been G-Dragon who came back down(to the 2nd floor)and passed by us, but it was so out of control I couldn’t really remember if it was him or another member. Anyway, after whichever member had passed by me and my child, all the fans that were crowded on the staircase came rushing down(to follow the member). My child and I fell, but more like my body got turned and fell forward.

After losing control of everything for a while after that, all I could do was look for my child and get together again. I was just glad that my child was all right after the mob had broken us up and stomped all over us; I even had to look for my child’s shoe that got lost. I gave my child, who seemed a bit shocked, a hug before sending him back to our seats… I couldn’t go back with him/her because my legs were feeling too shaky after the whole incident, but I went and joined my family after a while.

I think I was too worried about what happened to my child and went into a tiny shock.

I had lost all control of myself at that moment that I didn’t even realize what had truly happened until today when my friend had said to me, “A lot of people were talking about you online for the past few days. I wasn’t sure if it was really you, but after asking them what happened, I knew it was about you.”

It turns out that there were a few other fans who were at the concert to witness what had happened to me and my child and wrote about it on their own blogs. I found the actual blog and I’m copying & pasting the exact account here:

Yeah, GD helped the kid up.. even GD was jammed/caught by the fans, too.. GD couldn’t even get himself up, but he tried really hard just to help the little kid get back up.. The bodyguards ran up to GD to help him up, but instead of trying to get their help, he signalled them with his hands, telling them to save the little boy. But when the bodyguards ignored it and kept trying to help only him up, GD just kept holding onto the kid, not letting him go. Then, when the trashcan next to the child was about to fall on top of the kid, GD blocked it with his own hand and held the kid tight. I still remember the expression on GD’s face….. it was so peculiar… every time I think about his face at that moment, it touches me so much and it makes a part of my heart sting…. After GD had finally gotten up and left, the child’s mom finally found her kid and hugged him so tightly… the mom was probably really scared.. But anyways, GD… you are, indeed, a man of perfection… I witnessed this whole thing with my friend and even she said GD’s face was like the face of an angel… of course, GD always looks like an angel in my eyes, but my friend isn’t even a fan of Big Bang who would ever say anything nice about them and she only went to the concert because I begged her, keke… if only anyone had recorded that moment, everyone can see how angellic he was.. kind of sad it wasn’t recorded..

Even though he was buried under all those fans.. even though he couldn’t help himself up, he managed to help my child.. without getting his bodyguards’ help, he saved my child instead.. and even blocked the trashcan from falling on top of him/her.

And there I was, the whole time, not having a clue about what really happened. All I cared about was getting up and finding my child. After seeing what truly happened, as a mother, I’m so thankful that I couldn’t just let this pass. It seems like G-Dragon was fine and was able to leave without getting hurt, so I’m very thankful for that as well. I just can’t hide how thankful I am for G-Dragon.

Once again, thank you so much. 

Source: Naver

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