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It's not SHINee you guys, it's our most synchronized group with their new image for next release!!!

Guess who (^.^)

The 7 membered idol group, Infinite, has transformed into romantic playboys.

Infinite is attracting attention for focusing on the 7 members’ romantic charms as they revealed their new single album’s jacket cover on March 7th.

Although it seems like they all have black on, they match each other with different colors emphasizing a carefree image. They are also receiving large anticipation from their fans. Infinite, who showed a masculinity with their intense charisma, is receiving attention for their bright and lively transformation.

Infinite’s single album, that shows their new looks, has the title song ‘Nothing’s Over’, along with 3 other songs. It will be revealed this March 17th.

About the University Post~

Some people were questioning where Woohyun was o;

Fact is, he’s already in another university.


He’s enrolled in Dongah University.

Post about 5 members of Infinite getting into Taekyeung University



Article cr; newsen
Trans. cr; hyejin, jihye
@ infinite updates (1, 2)
Scans source:

Everybody, together, "KYAAAAAAA!!!!"
I'm so excited excited excited!!
I love this new image, now this is the real them.
They were cool before with BTD's image but they weren't being themselves imo.
But this, this, this *faints*

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