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Yoo In Na was sexually harassed by former entertainment agency CEO

Actress Yoo In Na who rose to prominence after her supporting role in High Kick Through The Roof, has make a shocking revelation that she had been sexually harassed by her former entertainment agency CEO.

She had appeared on the April 13th episode of Strong Heart where she revealed the hurt she had suffered when she was a mere nobody.

In Na expressed that she had signed with an entertainment agency when she was 17 years old. The CEO of that company was a very famous singer in Korea.


One day while he was sending her home, he tried to force a kiss on her all of a sudden while they were in the car. Yoo In Na said that she was really shocked at his action and tried to push him away but he still managed to kiss her on the face since there was limited space to move in the vehicle.

When that person saw that he couldn’t go any further due to In Na’s reactions, he warned her that she mustn’t bring this up to her parents or anyone before sending to her doorstep. When Yoo In Na reached home, she headed straight for the washroom where she washed her face over and over again, for at least 500 times.

She has since left the company because of this although she was suppose to have debuted with a 4-member girl group then. This incident still lingers in her heart even though it has been some years since it happened.

She is now contracted to YG Entertainment as an actress.

Yoo In Na’s story immediately invoked a reaction from the other guests while viewers started speculating on who it might be since there aren’t much singers turned CEOs of entertainment agencies now.

The dark side of the entertainment industry revealed once more.

Hm wonder who this could be...

Source: allkpop

Tags: scandals

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