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Big Bang talks music, fandom, and disbandment on 10Asiae

The world is defined into before and after the Big Bang. Of course, this is in regards to astrophysics. It was only after the Big Bang that time, space and order came into existence. And it is now that group Big Bang seems to fit their name better than ever — not because the tracks to their fourth mini-album released in two years and three months has topped various music charts and public broadcaster SBS and cable music channel Mnet created separate comeback programs for them.
On March 4, Big Bang said in an interview that they will not dwell on how high they rank on charts nor on promoting their album and instead spoke of how they want to create a new idol group culture and their hopes for the music market. Below are excerpts from the group interview.

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Source: 10Asiae 1 2

Not sure whether to tag this with DBSK and SS501 since they're mentioned. As always 10Asiae asks the most interesting questions.
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