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Flawless 9's first official album “Lovability”!

ZE:A will be releasing their first official album called, “Lovability“! Scheduled to hit stores on March 17th, the concept of the album is based on “Love confessions full of nine different charms“.

“Lovability” contains the visual charms of each of the nine members, and is literally translated to mean “lovely” or “precious.” Unlike the strong image characters ZE:A showed off for “Mazeltov“, “All Day Long“, and “Break Up“, this album is meant to showcase the sweet worlds dreamt up by nine lovely boys.

“Lovability” features a total of 12 tracks, which includes the title tracks from their “Nativity“, “Leap for Detonation“, and “Level Up” singles. Additionally, it’ll also include a 100-page photobook album that shows off the members’ upgraded images.

Their title track, “Here I Am“, was co-produced by Hollywood’s Blue Apple Global and Outsidaz. It features lyrics about a man promising to forever protect the person they love. With an addictive hook and concise melody, this up-beat song is classified under ‘urban pop’ with a retro re-arrangement that’s resulted in a melody that’s difficult to forget.

The music video for the song was directed by Jo So Young, who emphasized both the visual growth of the nine members and their individual styles. The boys will be acting as ‘guardian angels’ for the ones they love. The teaser video will be released on March 14th, followed by the music video’s full release on the 17th.

The album also features the talents of Chris Golightly, one of the top 20 finalists of “American Idol Season 9“, which has amped the anticipation from industry representatives. The members also participated in writing the lyrics for the album!

The album will be released in two versions, a ‘limited edition’ and a ’standard’. The ‘limited’ will contain all the album basics as well as a 100 page photobook and a storybook detailing ZE:A’s growth from their debut to the present.

Sources: Allkpop+Shioe Tumblr

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