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Uee reveals her method on collecting money for her secret funds

On the February 28th episode of SBS’s ”Night after Night,” After School’s Uee revealed her secrets to forming a slush (secret) fund.
She stated, “My parents manage all my funds, and I get an allowance of 300,000 won ($268.43 USD)every month.”

Comedian Park Myung Soo replied, “300,000 won is probably not enough,” to which Uee retorted,“That’s why I have a method of creating a slush fund.”

She continued, “When I go overseas, my parents give me a 500,000 won ($447.43 USD) allowance. I exchange the currency, but I don’t use it, so when I return to Korea, I exchange it back into Korean currency.”

Comedian Kim Jae Dong cracked up the audience when he pointed out, “Then, were you trying to benefit from the foreign exchange rate?”

Big Bang’s Seungri joined in on teasing Uee, as he stated, “Only Uee sleeps in her own place apart from After School’s dorm, causing the audience to crack up even further.

Source: MyStar News via Yahoo!Korea via Allkpop
Tags: seungri, tv shows, uee

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