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Netizens uncover offenders’ names from the ‘Jang Ja Yeon list’

Korea is reeling with shock over the news that netizens have uncovered some names from Jang Ja Yeon’s 31 offenders. The late star’s handwritten letters were revealed a few days back, and reportedly, they contained a list naming the men she was forced to ‘host’.

The alleged list reads as follows:

  • CEO of Chosun Journal – Bang Sang Hoon
  • Vice-President of Sports Chosun – Bang Myung Hoon
  • Chosun Central Journal’s Director of Advertising – Lee Jae Young
  • Chairman of Kolon – Lee Woong Ryeol
  • Chairman of Lotte – Shin Kyuk Ho
  • Former KBS PD, CEO of Olive 9 – Go Dae Hwa
  • Producer (PD) of KBS’s “All My Love” – Jun Chang Geun
  • Producer (PD) for KBS, MBC, SBS – Jung Seho
  • Producer (PD) for KBS’s “Boys Over Flowers” – Jun Gi Sang
  • Broadcasting/Music PD of “Playful Kiss”, “Boys Over Flowers”, “Perfect Couple”, “Goong” – Song Byung Joon (Married actress Lee Seung Min in January of 2010)



The reaction to the revealed ‘list’ has been explosive, so much so that on March 9th, Chosun Journal was forced to clarify that their CEO was not involved in the matter whatsoever. “The CEO of Chosun Journal that Jang Ja Yeon named has been confirmed to actually be the former CEO of Sports Chosun. The reason why Jang Ja Yeon wrote ‘Chosun Journal’ is because the CEO of her agency, Kim Jong Seung, insisted on calling the former CEO of ‘Sports Chosun’ as ‘just the CEO of Chosun Journal.’”

They continued, “According to investigations, the figure listed by Jang Ja Yeon is confirmed to be the former CEO of Sports Chosun.  Despite this confirmation, the press is continuing to release reports stating that the CEO of Chosun Journal was on the list.”

Stay tuned to allkpop for further updates.

Source + Photos: Sports Donga, Asia Today, Everyday Economy, via allkpop


Tags: crime, netizens, scandals

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