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Suzy’s parents remodel their small eatery into a cafe

A sign in front of Suzy’s parents’ eatery has been gaining attention.

Suzy’s parents have been operating an eatery in Gwangju, and naturally, they experienced a boost in clientele after their daughter became famous. The eatery recently closed down for a change in business, and it’s being reported that Suzy financially contributed to helping her parents renovate.

The sign in front of the store reads, “Thank you for your love and support for miss A’s Suzy. ‘Moo Deung Boon Shik’ (name of previous store) will be reopened as Cafe ‘Soo’. We will open soon and return your interest and support.”

The very last phrase, “Owner not changed“, has attracted the most attention amongst fans. Fans replied with comments like, “I am relieved by the sign”, “The owner can’t change”, “There is something cute about this”, and “I should visit when it reopens”.

i love the new name, 수 because of 수지, so cute <3. and mods, pretty please, can you make a suzy tag?
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