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Hyun Bin narrating documentary, still remains relevant even though in army

Hyun Bin, with his memorable voice, provided the narration for the documentary “Tears of Africa.”

“Tears of Africa” is the third installment of MBC‘s documentary series, “Tears of the World.” For the TV format and also for the theater (film) format of the documentary, the “Secret Garden” actor’s voice will be heard as the main narration.

Hyun Bin said in an interview, “Honestly, I thought that Africa was only a paradise with green plains and animals romping around Mother Earth,” frankly revealing his biased view he once had of Africa. “But I learned a lot through this narration,” he explained, “There are rising natural misfortunes, ethnic conflicts, amongst others, telling a story of shock and powerful emotion beyond imagination. It would be great if the audience while watching in the theater can learn of the problems Africa faces.”

The narration has even inspired the actor to want to go to Africa. In line with his brave decision to join the Marines, Hyun Bin revealed of one African culture, “There was a festival where they choose the most valiant men. I want to participate in that festival.”

“Tears of Africa” opens March 24th in Korea.

Source: popseoul
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