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info about infinite's third mini "inspirit"

Release Date: March 17th (Thursday)


The exceptional and powerful chic-dols, came into our hearts as unique young ones.

Another piece by the best partners, Han Jaeho - Kim Seungsoo.

Another masterpiece by the nation’s best music video director, “Hwang Sooah” director.

Infinite came into the music industry like a comet in 2010 with their first mini album’s songs, ‘Come Back Again’ and ‘She’s Back’. Then they showed off angled choreography in 2011 with their second mini album’s song, ‘BTD’ (Before the Dawn). Now they will reveal their single album, [Inspirit], in March and have a 180 degree change.

While gaining explosive popularity with their second mini album’s title song, ‘BTD’, and their ‘scorpion dance’ that shows the best of angled dancing, Infinite released their first and second single in Japan. Both songs became 1st on a large Japanese mobile site for the K-POP portion of the daily chart. Taking over both Korea and Japan, they are at their highest peak since debut.

For this album, Infinite will take off their chic image and they plan to once again shake women’s hearts with a young, unique, and carefree image. ‘Nothing’s Over’, the title song for the new single album, [Inspirit], was created by the partners, Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo, who have been in charge of composing and writing lyrics for Infinite’s title songs since their debut album. The song will have impressive lyrics and a melody that’s sensitive, but easy to listen to; a unique sound. Also, Infinite’s special voices, that have a heartrending but bright feel at the same time, maximize the feeling of the song which allows the song to be more complete.

Hwang Sooah director, who is renowned for the nation’s best music videos such as IU’s ‘Good Day’, Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘Abracadabra’, and Infinite’s ‘BTD’, will be participating again. It will give off a unique feel and the music video will be as if you’re watching a CF.

In this album, there will be ‘Nothing’s Over’ and a song that fought for the position of the title song as a fierce and powerful dance number, ‘Shot.’ Along with this, there will be a remake version of ‘Can U Smile’, which received a lot of love during their second mini album, ‘Evolution’. This album will be like a gift to their fans.

Through their new single album, ‘INSPIRIT’, in March, Infinite will become a new standard in the nation’s idol industry and will go up another step as idols who are in the middle of the next generation’s Hallyu.

sauces: trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
source cr; tipper & infinite’s official cafe
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