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New idol girl group : CHI-CHI

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Record label Yedang Entertainment recently announced that they will be debuting a new idol girl group.

The upcoming rookie girl group is named CHI-CHI, short for “Creative electronic House Idols‘. As their group name suggests, CHI-CHI will be taking on the concept of creative, electronic, house and dance music to showcase a “musical differentiation from current trends.”

The seven members of CHI-CHI were chosen through a two-year audition process, and it has been reported that not only do they have outstanding talents, but the members were also prepared under Yedang Entertainment’s ‘rookie incubating system’ and special management know-hows to help them become talented and skillful musicians.

“Like the meaning of CHI-CHI, the members will be coming out of their formal images to showcase their friendly and refreshing girl-next-door charms,” said a representative of Yedang Entertainment.

They continued, “The debut track, which was directly produced by a nationally famous producer, is in the electronic/house/dance genre and contains original lyrics with a strong and addictive beat. It is sure to become a new musical sensation in the industry.”

Omg the group name .___.
ちち lol
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