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Papa YG and his wise words about today's music industry

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Recently, YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk watched the “C’est si Bon” segment on “Come To Play“. While enjoying the show, Yang expressed that, “This year is another turning point for the Korean music industry.” What is the meaning behind this thought?

Last year, YGE’s girl group 2NE1 set a new album record with their ‘Triple Crown’ win, and now Big Bang is conquering the music industry with their all-kill comeback. Yang called OSEN out of the blue and asked, “Do you know ‘C’est si Bon’?


The music industry has changed again. I knew it when I watched ‘C’est si Bon’. Music fans have started to want singers who sing very well.

Yang first mentioned older top idols who sang very well, such as S.E.S, Fin.K.L, Big Mama, and Wheesung. He mused, “The public is starting to get sick of the uniformity of idols.

Yang pointed out the weakening popularity of idol groups and said, “As expected, there are too many idol groups. With idols and girl groups debuting left and right, I feel that I don’t know who’s who lately. It seems that music fans are getting sick of it as well. This is also why ‘C’est si Bon’ has been receiving a lot of praise.

However, this does not mean that idols have no influence. “This turning point is just like before; it’s not a complete change, but public appearances are split half and half between idol members and singers who sing well.

When asked about how YG Entertainment plans to balance idols with the changing view of the public, Yang revealed that his company is preparing to introduce a new artist who has the same style as Big Mama. “An underground jazz musician in Hongdae is very charismatic.“  However, Yang is keeping quiet about this matter and simply said that, “You’ll see later.

Yang Hyuk Suk concluded his interview with a promise. “YG Entertainment is the company to whom musicians, indie artists, and underground artists send their demo tapes to the most. After receiving such responses, I promise to never abandon the personal mission I carried when I first started this company. I’m really happy when I think about this turning point in the music industry.

Source: AKP / OSEN via Nate

i always go back and forth between loving and hating this man...
but he speaks the truth.


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