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Kim Tae Woo reveals ‘T-School’ comeback teaser


After a long hiatus, Kim Tae Woo has announced his impending return with a new teaser!

It’s been almost 19 months since Kim Tae Woo charmed K-pop fans with “Love Rain“. The singer was forced to take some time off in order to recuperate from his vocal cord polyp surgery. Fans have been waiting ever since for the ‘bear’ to deliver music once again.

The teaser shows Kim Tae Woo singing a few lines from his new song, while moving smoothly with a lightstick in his hand. Near the end, we also see a list of K-pop artists like J.Y. Park, Rain, Lyn, Mighty Mouth, and Lee Hyun Seung being named – our guess is that they contributed to Kim Tae Woo’s new album.

Kim Tae Woo will be dropping his new album on March 22nd, so stay tuned!

source: allkpop, daumcorp

I missed his voice♥
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