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Kim JaeWho to play a gig in HK with Walrus

KIM JAEUCK & walrus "4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011"

KIM Jaeuck (“Jaeuck”, formerly known as “KIM Jaewook”), well-liked Korean pop singer, actor and model who is renowned for his distinct personality and outstanding temperament, formed a rock band "walrus" with his three university mates namely Kim Tae Hyun (drummer), Yoo Seung Beom (guitarist) and Yang Shi Won (bass guitarist). The band released its first single album titled “walrus 1st single album” on January 24 this year. The album has garnered an overwhelming response in the market.

With talented acting and gorgeous appearance, Jaeuck has starred in a number of popular TV series and films, including “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” (2007), “Antique Bakery” (2008), “Bad Guy” (2010) and “Mary Stayed Out All Night” (2010). His popularity has been rising in Asia, especially in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“KIM JAEUCK & walrus ‘4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011’” is the FIRST event of Jaeuck in Hong Kong, and is absolutely good news to his fans in Asia!

At the event, fans will get to hear Jaeuck, who is the vocalist, guitarist and lyricist of walrus, singing a number of pop and classic songs in Japanese, English and Korean, and see his live performance with walrus. Jaeuck will also talk to and play games with them. Some exclusive and private videos will be unveiled for the first time during the gathering. Jaeuck’s fans and “Rock’n Roll” lovers, don’t miss this valuable chance!

With the band name originating from “I am the walrus”, one of pop “Rock’n Roll” songs composed by Beatles, walrus has always been staying focused on “Rock’n Roll” music. As early as a decade ago when they met each other in the Applied Music Department of Seoul Institute of the Arts, they came up with an idea to form a rock band. Despite busy schedule as a model and actor, Jaeuck never gives up his music dreams, keeps on composing songs and lyrics writing, while other three members have been professional musicians. In 2008, walrus formally started music production. Making its debut at Grant Mint Festival in 2009, the band has embarked on a number of music events and performance.

Tracks on the first mini album, which was recently released by walrus, include “To Be”, “MOZAIC” and “Seoul Witch”. “To Be” represents walrus’ starting point and aspiration, implying the “music halo” of the band. “MOZAIC” is an exciting, fast-paced music with brisk rhythm and strong beats of guitar accompaniment. Marked by lively rhythm and pleasant melody, the featured song, “Seoul Witch”, depicts the story of a lonely witch who is living in an indifferent city. It is notable that the English lyrics of “To Be” were written by Jaeuck. Jaeuck is proficient in Korean and Japanese, and can speak good English, because his father, who was stationed in Japan as a news correspondent, brought Jaeuck to the country when he was born, and Jaeuck returned to Korea when he was eight.

Immediately after the completion of “Mary Stayed Out All Night” in late December 2010, Jaeuck embarked on the production of his album. Every walrus member is fully committed to the production of their first album, and is heavily involved from cover design, song composition, lyric writing, sound recording, production, supervision to MV production. It is truly an outcome of heart and love. As a model and actor, Jaeuck, who has diversified himself in different fields, serves as the icon of the band and lyrics writer. His fresh and unique voice, as well as talent for lyrics writing are fully displayed in this album. He intends to exert more focus on music this year, and will embark on more activities and go beyond Korea to the whole of Asia.

With his noble and dignified appearance, as well as outstanding acting skills, he has won much applause and numerous awards including “MBC Drama Award” and “Most Favorite TV Artist of Korea” in 2007, “Best New Actor Award” at 16th “Korean Entertainment Awards” in 2008 and “Special Model Award” at “Asia Model Festival Awards” in 2009.

Jaeuck is well versed in playing musical instruments such as guitar and piano. As a music enthusiast, he has been vocalist, guitarist, lyrics writer and song composer of walrus since Year One in the university, and has composed a number of songs. Although he is doing tremendously well in his model and actor jobs, music is always his favorite and dream. His enthusiasm and aspiration about music never change throughout the years. He strongly feels that music can enable him to express his ideas, convey his words and share feelings with others.

Tickets for “KIM JAEUCK & walrus ‘4 in Love with Hong Kong 2011’” are available online at from 10pm on March 9, 2011 (Wednesday). Tickets can be purchased from hotline: 31 288 288 or Tom Lee Music Stores from 10am on March 10, 2011 (Thursday). . Ticket prices are HK$980, HK$780 and HK$480. Among ticket holders of the HK$980 category who have made the purchase on or before March 27, 2011 (Sunday) (the “deadline”), 250 of them will win the Shakehand moment with Jaeuck after the event. Amongst those who purchase HK$780 tickets on or before the deadline, 200 of them will get an autograph poster by all members of walrus (Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 35753-4). In addition, every ticket holder will receive a towel souvenir and a poster specially designed for Jaeuck’s first event in Hong Kong. These two limited edition souvenirs for Hong Kong fan meeting are of high keeping value that will be exclusively available at the April 2’s event.

Don't miss this great opportunity to meet and celebrate with your beloved artist – KIM Jaeuck (Jaewook)!

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Source: HKTicketing

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