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Dalmatian has more male fans than female, holds more fansigns because they can

With a comeback song like “The Man Opposed“, anyone would think that Dalmatian would enjoy a higher level of popularity with the ladies than with the men. However, according to data gathered by Mnet, results show that over 70% of their listeners are actually male.

The lyrics for their song is about a man telling the woman he has a crush on that the guy she’s dating is no good for her. While female fans are usually at the forefront for male idol groups, representatives believe that men were able to develop a connection to the lyric’s story, since they are feelings that anyone can experience at least once in their lives.

A representative of Mnet revealed, “Currently, the listeners for Dalmatian’s title track are 70% male. This sets Dalmatian apart from other male groups because they have a male fanbase that enjoys listening to their music. As a rookie group, the diversity in their fanbase is very meaningful.”

Dalmatian is scheduled for their first fan signing at the Sinnara Record store in Yongsan on March 4th.

MV with the oppar-is-better-than-him lyrics

Sources: akp, TV Report via Naver, DzSubs @ YT

DALMATIAN will hold an additional signing session due to the overwhelming love they received from fans.
On March 8th, IS Entertainment announced that the idol group will meet with their fans again in Incheon on the 12th, and in Seoul on the 13th, following their first successful signing session on the 4th.

The last signing session took place in a record store in a shopping mall on March 4th. It was very successful, gathering about 400 fans from all over the world. The members happily greeted their Korean fans, as well as fans from Australia, France, and Japan.

Their agency stated, “After DALMATIAN’s first signing session, we kept getting requests for more. Therefore we decided to hold more sessions on March 12th and 13th."

DALMATIAN is currently busy promoting their mini album title songs, “The Man Opposed“, and “Lover Cop“.

Sources: akp, SPN via Nate

Daniel, who is bffs with Amber, Nicole, Jessica and Tiffany, is #foreveralone in this MV.
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