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Top Combine's Kim Eunsung interviews Rain

As his first stop of year 2011 Asia Tour, Rain expressed that this show is extremely important. When talking about the difficulties faced during rehearsal, he humourously said “Recently I practice several hours with the dancers everyday, at the moment the entire dance team is completely dealing with injury; not being exaggerated, however all this hard work pays off necessarily for the show itself guarantee of quality, no exception for everyone.” Reporter learned from the concert’s director team, in order to maintain Rain’s consistent high level request, many equipments previously used on Rain’s concert in Seoul last year will be transported from Korea to Beijing by air. There will be many surprises dedicated to the fans. But the organizer still strictly keep secrecy about the surprises. Under the reporters repeatedly asked, Rain represents Jackie Chan as his most favorite actor from mainland, and had been looking forward to collaborate with him.
Rain has his own idol, without doubt, Rain is also the idol of many celebrities. After the press conference ended, the concert organizer arranged one of Rain’s celebrity fan – Top Combine’s member Xiao Wu ( *Eunsung ), to act as QIYI’s special host to have an exclusive interview with Rain.
Before meeting Rain, Xiao Wu has repeatedly said that he is a super fan of Rain, admitting that ” Is more nervous to interview his idol rather than having his ownself being interviewed “. However after the interview Rain said ” Meeting Xiao Wu is quite happy “, both are Korean artists who expand to China, and they discussed topics, not only about the concerts’ environmentally friendly issue, styles, but also chatted about lots of  funny things that they experienced while living and working in China. Furthermore Rain revealed that he invites the mainland actress Sun Li, who guested previously in his MV, to watch his concert, also praising that she is clever and beautiful, however still not responding for the question of Sun Li’s being the mystery guest on his concert.
source: topcombinest ; topcombinest

Qiyi interview uploaded by @YouTube:
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