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Jung Juri is dating your oppars


On March 9th, comedian Jung Juri guested on YTN’s “News and Issue- Issue and People” and spoke about her dating life. The hosts asked the star whether she would reveal her boyfriend if she got one. She replied, “I will date secretly.”

Jung continued, “It’s not that I am trying to be reserved, but my agency (TN Entertainment) has issued a ban on scandals.” Musing, she then added, ”My agency treats me as if I am Kim Tae Hee… I have to be cautious of scandals. The agency treats me like Kim Tae Hee and treats Jo Hae Ryun like actress Shim Eun Ha.”

After the laughter died down, Jung Juri revealed that her goal was to become an MC on a public TV network. “When viewers are surfing the channels, I want to be a person that they want to stop and love to watch on TV.”

We’re sure that Jung Juri won’t have problems reaching that goal, since like Kim Tae Hee, she’s one of Korea’s beloved stars.

Source: Nate | allkpop
Tags: comedian / mc, scandals

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