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All your kpop idols are okay, but please continue to care about Japan

A devastating tsunami has hit the coast of northeast Japan on March 11th after a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck the island nation about 80 miles offshore. News reports revealed that air and land transportation are severely disrupted and electricity is being cut off in various regions. The international community is deeply concerned for everyone’s safety in Japan, with aid already on the way to those affected by the natural disasters. Many fans are also worried about Korean idols that have been traveling to Japan for promotions and other activities.

Since 2NE1 came to Japan a few days ago to promote for their debut, worried fans have been sending numerous messages to YG Entertainment about their safety. An official from YG Entertainment reassured fans that the girls are safe, “We are not able to directly contact the members by phone probably due to the earthquake causing problems with transmission. Just now, we received news from another affiliated individual within Tokyo that the girls were safe.”

Although 2NE1 is due to appear on Asahi TV’s popular program “Music Station“ to promote for their upcoming debut, the devastating earthquake and its effect in Tokyo affected a lot of activities in the region and throughout Japan. Representatives stated, “There is no news of whether or not the schedule with ‘Music Station’ will continue.”

Meanwhile, KARA has also been confirmed to be safe. Should airports resume full operations, they will return to Korea on March 12th, as planned. JYJ’s Junsu also tweeted his response to the earthquake. "I have never felt anything like this before. The tremor, I felt it today" He is also worried about returning back to Korea for JYJ’s upcoming first official fanmeet on the 11th. "I have to go to the fanmeeting tomorrow more than anything... (I'm) not sure whether there are flights available.”

Please send out your condolences to everyone in Japan affected by the earthquake. The hashtag #prayforjapan is currently trending on Twitter.

Update: The BOSS has also been confirmed to be safe in Japan. On March 11th, management from the boss tweeted "Don’t worry, the members are safe, lots of things are occurring in Japan. Please pray for them. The members also began to tweet to let fans know that they were all right. Mika tweeted “I am alive!” and Injoon also said, “yes yes i didn’t get hurt”. In addition, after being mentioned by Gwangchul in a tweet to stay alive, Karam responded with “@skc_dj really? kekeke”.

Source: Koreaboo,E-Daily, @0101xiahtic and astromafia

Due to the recent 8.9 earthquake in Japan, fans have raised concerns for the safety of the idols who had been in Japan.

C-Jes has reported that JYJ's Junsu, who arrived in Japan on the 8th, is safe and awaits a return flight to Korea at the Japan airport. Due to the closure of both Narita and Haneda airport, the two main international airports in Japan, it was unsure whether Junsu would make it back in time to Korea for JYJ's first official fan meeting.

However, despite an initial announcement that the fan meeting might be canceled, C-Jes has revealed that Junsu was able to book a flight and the fan meeting will proceed as planned without any delays or disruption.

To the fans who are participating in the fan meeting:

The JYJ fan meeting will take place on March 12th at 3PM without any disruptions.

Kim Junsu will board a plane tonight, will return to Korea, and take a rest. He will participate in the fan meeting tomorrow. We discussed this with Junsu and decided that the fan meeting will take place as planned.

With regards to the onsite ticket sales we announced at around 6 initially, because the cancellation of the tickets did not take place today, we have decided not to sell JYJ fan meeting tickets onsite tomorrow.

Thank you.

In other news, actor Kim Jung Hoon's fan meeting was scheduled for March 14th at the Saitama Super Arena. The fan meet had an expected attendance of 15,000 fans. But due to the recent natural disaster, the fan meet has been postponed. One of his representative in Japan commented, "Kim Jung Hoon was in a building at the time of the earthquake, and the building started to shake uncontrollably. Pots and such were breaking left to right, however, thankfully no one was injured."

2NE1 also arrived in Japan the other day and was set to perform their debut stage on Music Station. However, due to the earthquake, their stage has been canceled and their promotions postponed. A YG representative stated that the local staff was not able to call and had the company concerned due to the state of poor communication currently being experienced in Japan.

The group was set to return to Korea on the 12th, but due to the closure of the airports might not able to to do so. YG said that they will continue to monitor the situation. In regards to 2NE1's well-being, the representative stated, "2NE1 was staying in one of the well-designed buildings in Japan, but because of the strength of the earthquake, the walls cracked. Unfortunately, 2NE1 cannot showcase their debut performance, but they are safe and without harm, so it’s a relief.”

Are you glad to hear that they are all safe and sound despite of the disruption in some of their activities?

Source: Koreaboo, C-Jes,DBSK-Knights, YG Ladies and Star News
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