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Earlier today, stars arrived in Bangkok for MBC’s ‘50th Anniversary Music Wave Concert’. Taking advantage of this overseas family trip, 2AM’s Seulong, Jo Kwon and 2PM’s Junsu revealed some snapshots they took of themselves with the other JYP Nation members.

On March 10th, Seulong posted a photo of 2AM and miss A upon their arrival in Thailand. He tweeted,

“JYP Family’s AM and miss A A-team arrived ke! Soon Wonder PM B-team will be arriving!“

Later, Jo Kwon uploaded photos from the plane saying,

“JYP A-team! Thailand~! Arrived safely!!! PM Wonder hurry and come~!“

Junsu also posted a picture of himself in the airplane saying,

“Arrived in Thailand.. sawadikab!! :)“

khun's twitter:

"T.S. : Leaving On A Jet Plane - John Denver~ Thailanddddddd wait for meeeee"

jia's weibo:

"Oh~yeah!!!! We can stir up some trouble on the plane! Haha~~Just arrived in Thailand now! Lalalala!!"

Fans commented, “Welcome to Thailand” “2AM & Miss A!!!!” and “To be honest, of all the agency families, I’m most jealous of JYP Nation ㅠㅠ”

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Yesterday, JYP Nation stars revealed photos of themselves on the plane and in the airport in Thailand. Earlier today, 2AM’s Seulong revealed yet another JYP Nation photo.

On March 11th, Seulong tweeted,

“We’ve filled the rehearsal waiting room and joyfully played all sorts of recreation games. For the first time in a while, it was a time of a lot of really happy laughter ^^“

In this photo, members of the Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, and miss A are found lounging about in the backstage waiting room.

Fans commented, “JYP NATION all the way! ♥”, “Nice big family” and “Wow~ it’s a JYP family party!!!! You must have had a lot of fun together!!!”

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"Thailand is really hot!! My Suzy and I couldn’t sit still again! Haha! "

miss A, along with the rest of JYP Nation, is currently in Thailand to perform for MBC’s “50th Anniversary Korean Wave Music Festival” in Bangkok.

miss A’s Jia recently snapped a set of sel-cas with fellow member Suzy, and the two of them look absolutely adorable!

Netizens have been commenting, “Jia’s hairstyle is so good“, “Suzy is always pretty“, “Both of them are beautiful“, “Suzy is so cute“, “Side by side they look so good“.

fabulous people are fabulous.
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