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Dongjun has a crush on your Unnir!

On March 13th, ZE:A’s Junyoung guested on KBS 2TV’s “Dream Team 2” and confessed that maknae Dongjun had a crush on a girl group member.

When asked why he decided to come out to the show, Junyoung replied, “The young maknae is on the show, how can I just stand by and watch? I came to intimidate him, of course!”

Before taking part in his first match, he randomly confessed, “Dongjun has a crush on a girl group member.” When Dongjun responded with shock, Lee Chang Myung immediately exclaimed, “The fact that Dongjun is surprised means that it’s true!”

When asked how many members the girl group had, Junyoung honestly replied, “Nine,” leading the other cast members to quickly deduce that it was SNSD. Park Jae Min began teasing Dongjun by dancing to “Hoot” on the spot, while Lee Sang Ho joked, “Don’t try to act all ‘taeyeon’ (calm)!”

Still in shock over the confession, Dongjun quickly clarified with a laugh, “Why are you running around saying stupid things like that? It can happen, you know! I could like her as a fan…”

Sources: Allkpop+Newsen via. Daum

d'awwwwww :3
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