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SNSD's message for victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake

This was posted on their Japanese mobile site:

The victims have our deepest sympathy

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake. We came to know about the news of the earthquake in Thailand. Regarding SNSD who has activities in Japan, this isn't somebody else's problem and all of the members are concerned. Even now, the aftershocks, tsunami and disasters continuously occur and there is serious damage. This current condition pains our hearts very much. We pray from our hearts that everybody will peacefully overcome this hardship.

From the SNSD members

Additionally, Soshified is doing fund raising for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami, that will be donated to the Japan Red Cross. More information here. If anyone is concerned about the reliability of Soshified, donations will be matched by Google which would definitely require verification and so it doesn't make sense for Soshified to hide the details of transactions or anything like that.

Source: (Only accessible through mobile phones, not including the iPhone)
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