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Tres Amigos(JYP, Kim Tae Woo, and Bi) release Brother & Me mv

After releasing his comeback teaser video for “Brothers & Me” last week, singer Kim Tae Woo’s official MV featuring Rain and J.Y. Park (Park Jin Young / JYP) has finally arrived!

I’ve learned about life through music, and I’m still learning now, which is why I decided to call this album ‘T-School’. I wanted to sing music that expressed the analogue emotions of the heart, rather than of that brain or body,” stated Kim Tae Woo.

He continued, “‘Brothers & Me’ was created with people I’ve known for the past 10 years, and it conveys the message of, ‘People who know me better than myself, there’s nothing more important than these people,’ and it expresses the close friendship between us three men.

Kim Tae Woo, Rain, and J.Y. Park came together last February 25th to shoot the music video at the JYP recording studio, and the video truly showcases the heart-warming relationship between the trio.

Kim Tae Woo’s agency stated, “Viewers will have a smile on their face while watching the warmth contained in this video.”

The singer is set to drop his full album, “T-School” on March 22nd, followed by comeback promotions on public music programs.

Check out the MV down below and remember to support by purchasing the music.

source: newsen via nate

Tags: jyp, kim tae woo, rain

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