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Mr perfect fishie and his pink friend's Star Call

Donghae: please go away
Donghae: Hi everyone, I'm Super Junior's Donghae. Everyone...
Sungmin: I'm Sungmin!
Donghae: I'm now at a hotel in Shanghai, why not we meet up (with each other) now?
Sungmin: My kiss just now... did you guys accept it?*
Donghae: you can throw Sungmin hyung's (kiss) away now; you don't need Sungmin hyung's already, let me say...
Donghae: Please be healthy!
Donghae: Those who want to date me, or chat with me please give me a call.
Donghae: Everyone should know my phone number right?
Donghae: There hasn’t been any call coming in... Do send me some text messages too; I want to receive your messages.
Donghae: Please be healthy, (and) happy! We, Super Junior-M, will present different images to everyone in the future.
Sungmin: Yes, everyone, I love you.....
Donghae: So goodbye then....
Donghae: So... no! That... Where is that? Where am I now? I'm coming right away...
Sungmin: Let me appear on the screen before you end
Donghae: Ah no no, don't end (it)
Sungmin: Don't end (it)
Donghae: I still want to continue the recording
Sungmin: Let's go
Donghae: Where is it?

*referring to the kiss at the beginning of the call

Chinese translation: 小红杏 @ 百度suju老窝
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

sources: uriage0101@youtube, sj-world

Donghae, I'll gladly date and chat with you, if you just tell me your number ; - ; ♥ LOLOLOLOL
Tags: donghae, sungmin

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