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Hara is going to be in a drama

KARA’s Goo Hara will be making her debut as an actress through SBS’s “City Hunter“!

Goo Hara built up her acting skills through KARA’s on-going Japanese drama series, “URAKARA“; ”City Hunter” will mark her debut Korean drama role. Goo Hara was cast for the role of the president’s daughter, a spunky young woman who failed to get into college the first time and is studying to make up for it.

Goo Hara will join the rest of the cast at the end of the month. She’ll continue to juggle her busy Japanese schedules in conjunction with her new drama role.

Representatives of DSP Media commented, “Whenever we received casting offers for dramas, we were highly concerned with the unresolved controversy surrounding KARA and weren’t able to make a decision. However, acting has been another important course for idol singers lately, so we felt that this would be a great opportunity and decided to cast her for the role after much discussion.

They continued, “Because of the group’s Japanese promotions, we know that a lot of their Korean fans are disappointed with the lack of Korean activities, which was pressuring to us as well. We’ll be starting by reviving the members’ individual activities in order to further work hard and make sure that KARA can greet their fans as whole once again.


her and gyuri are the best actors, tbqh. And I'm thanking god it wasn't Nicole. but, tbqh

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