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Infinite's L fancafe message, CEO's tweet, info of upcoming dates

[CAFE] 110314 - L’s Post: Hello ^^

Hello Inspirits! It’s L ^^

I think I had a happy and joyful birthday because of everyone’s heartfelt congratulations yesterday!

I really thank and love all of you!

I will repay all the sincerity and love given to me in just a bit~~~

Finally! Our comeback has come to two days left now!

When I think of how we’ll show everyone a different transformation of us, I feel excited and nervous ^^

Since we’re preparing and practicing that much, please anticipate it!!

Because Infinite has our Inspirits, we can have much more strength!

Then for the comeback stage that we’ll show in 2 days, go go to the practice room today too!


110314 - Twitter - CEO

인스피릿이 생각하는 인피니트가 친해졌음 하는 남자아이돌은?

When Inspirits see it, what male idols do you want Infinite to be friends with?

[T/N Obviously talking bout the MBLAQ/BEAST feat. teaser ^^]

[INFO] Important Upcoming Dates

2011.03.17 (Thurs.) - Release of Infinite’s single album, ‘Inspirit’, Mnet M Countdown comeback stage

2011.03.18 (Fri.) - KBS Music Bank comeback stage

2011.03.19 (Sat.) - Fansigning in Yongsan at 7PM for the release of their single album, ‘Inspirit’

2011.03.20 (Sun.) - Fansigning in Incheon at 6:30PM for the release of their single album,


trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates (1, 2, 3)

source; infinite’s official fancafe


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