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5dolls feels "inconvenienced" by T-ara's help

The 5 member girl group ’5Dolls’ while being thankful to T-ara for their joint stage appearance, have revealed that they had an inconvenient/sad/lack-lustre experience.
The group revealed this information in a recent interview with Joy News 24.

T-ara, being in the same agency as 5Dolls, succeeded their performance ‘너 말이야’ (Your Words), gaining attention for the joint event.
5Dolls, being a girl group in the same agency have been compared with T-ara ever since their debut.

To this topic, 5Dolls replied “In reality, T-ara are our competitors. When we go up stage they advise us how to look good on camera, how to make the appropriate gestures – they teach us alot” whilst saying “Even this collaboration was due to the T-ara seniors saying ‘How would it be to do a special stage’”

Following, 5Dolls said “It's our song, but because we are amateurs and greedy, we’re thankful that the T-ara seniors came up with us – there was a good reaction” Continuing with their statement “It feels like we’re losing a chance to stand up for ourselves and so that’s why we feel inconvenienced/sad

5Dolls said “It’s our debut single, we should have shown our own personality, so I’m sad. I’m truthfully a bit sad. It seems that we’ll have to put our name out to the public more

Continuing, “I wonder what it would be like to stand up on T-ara’s stage. If T-ara puts out an album, I hope there will be a day when we are able to pay back the favor

5Dolls are actively debuting with their debut single ‘Your Words’. 5Doll’s said, “While it looks like we’ve gotten some recognition, our chart expectations are still lacking. We need to work harder” – following – “This years goal is the 신인상 (amateur/rookie awards). We believe that if we recieve the award that we couldn’t receive whilst in CO-ED, our feelings will be renewed. We will try our best to get a good result for our activities

Sources: LegendaryLvl1 (en.korea.com), T-arafan, Naver News
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