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Beast's Japan Performances Cancelled

After holding an emergency meeting with Cube Entertainment on March 14th, Universal Japan has announced through their official homepage that B2ST will be debuting in Japan as scheduled, but all performances will be canceled for the time being.

On March 15th, representatives of Cube revealed, “We expected the album release to be canceled, but after a meeting with Universal Japan on the 14th, we decided that it’d be difficult for the album release to be postponed any further. Japan usually releases the albums onto the market a few days before the official release date, and B2ST’s albums were already in stores by the 11th, so we could not cancel it.”

They continued, “We can’t do anything about the release, but all performances scheduled, such as the first stage of ‘Shock‘ this weekend at the Universal Japan Studios, has been canceled.”

Other entertainment agencies are also finding difficulties in canceling pre-scheduled promotions and releases. One representative stated, “After talking with our Japanese agencies, we’re having trouble canceling most of the schedules right now.”

source: fckyeahb2st
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