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Idols in musicals: strong ticket sales, but lack skills

With so many idols in the market dominating the music scene, many idols have expanded their horizons and have taken places in the musical industry. Idols have typically shown great ticket sales power, and over 20 idols have gone into musicals. However, while idols may be able to produce great ticket sales when they star in the musical, not all idols have necessarily been praised for their work.

As they land major roles in musicals, idols undergo close scrutiny from musical critics. Many critics have not been wholly impressed and have not highly praised the idols who came to be musical actors. There has been debate over the idols getting large roles in musicals despite their lack of proven skill. In the last month till March 13th, Kukinews had 11 musical critics and producers assess "musical idols" on their skills in a survey. The grading criteria would be based upon four main categories: singing, acting, marketability, and growing potential. Within each category, two names would be chosen, and the one that came in first would be given three points, and the second two points.

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Source: Koreaboo, SharingYoochun, Kukinews
Tags: girls generation, jessica, kyuhyun, musical, onew, taeyeon, xia / kim junsu

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