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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon reveals mystery celebrity who caused his breakup with girlfriend.

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Earlier, we reported some of the reasons as to why MBLAQ’s Lee Joon had to break up with his girlfriend, although certain things were still yet unclear.

On March 15th, the episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart” finally aired and caused a lot of curiosity to rise from the guests when Lee Joon stated, “I broke up with my girlfriend in the past due to a senior male celebrity.”

Lee Joon continued, “Out of the 24 years of my life, there were 2 people I absolutely loved. One time, I was looking through my girlfriend’s phone and saw a familiar celebrity’s name, and it caught me by surprise.”

Soon after he confessed, “That person is none other than Go Young Wook. I was very surprised, so I asked my girlfriend, and she was shocked to hear such a thing. Shortly after, I discovered that the two shared secret text messages, and one of the messages read, ‘I will buy oppa delicious food next time’. Eventually I got into a fight with my girlfriend, and I had no other option but to choose a painful breakup with her.”

Following the shocking statement, Lee Joon revealed yet another story, “I had another girlfriend while I was filming for ‘Ninja Assassin‘. During the difficult days as a trainee, we stood hand in hand, and had a lot of faith in each other. After coming back to Korea after the movie shooting, I saw that Go Young Wook was in my girlfriend’s cell phone once again. I felt overwhelmed, and decided to part ways once again.”

After the set erupted in laughter, Lee Joon stated, “At the time, I was very scared of this Go Young Wook person…”

Other guests on today’s episode include Yoo In Na, Kim Byung Se, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Nam Gyuri, Jo Hyun Jae, Park Han Byul, and more.

Source: Daum
Translation: Allkpop
Video: Airplanetobu

Two girlfriends in a row pick Go Young Wook over Joon...what are your lives and choices lmao?

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