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Angels of Empire to donate profits from Asian tour to Japanese disaster relief.

ZE:A has announced that they will be donating a portion of their tour profits to aid in the relief effort for Japan.

Representatives of Star Empire revealed on March 16th, “As the disaster worsened, we hoped to find a way to help Japan, and eventually decided to donate the profits made in the first half of 2011 in addition to a portion of the profits we will be making from ZE:A’s Asian tour.”

They continued, “Ever since they advanced into Japan last year, they’ve been receiving a lot of love from Japanese fans. The members themselves are extremely upset with what is going on. We genuinely hope that this will aid Japan in their recovery.”

ZE:A’s donations will be made through their Japanese partner company, IMX, to an organization that handles emergency relief.

Sources: Allkpop+Star News via. Naver
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