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Korean entertainment agencies in discussion with their Japanese counterparts

Due to the current calamity hitting Japan, entertainment agencies in South Korea and Japan were reported to have met in an official discussion to work out their respective plans and schedules. With music companies already announcing the delay of album releases and cancellation of some activities, official business activities are reported to resume after a given time period.

A representative of SM Entertainment left a message stating, "The safety of our employees in Japan is more important than anything else. Therefore, we have not discussed any matters pertaining to business. We will have a meeting on March 14th. As of now, there is still no decision if any of the activities will be canceled/postponed."

YG Entertainment reveals that, despite not being able to contact their business partners in Japan over the weekend, they were reported to have officially discussed with the agency in regards to their talents' schedules. The same story holds with JYP Entertainment, which is reported to be making a decision about 2PM's activities.

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment revealed that operations with their Japanese counterpart have resumed, and they announced that BEAST's debut performance for "Shock" has already been cancelled.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Japanese activities of your favorite Korean idols.

Source: Osen, Fanwonder, Koreaboo

I'm really interested in what's gonna happen in these companies' plans to take over Japan with SNSD and KARA etc. Economies tend to rebound after a big natural disaster, but for the next several months - especially with the nuclear plant and tremors still happening - plans are gonna be messed up. I'd assume a lot of long-term plans could be majorly pushed back until even next year.
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