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Hajin and Soju, omg! + MBLAQ for Pati Pati, Arena37 and Epop interview

110315, Mir’s Tweet

@BangMir: Babies kekeke

Mir's Twitter

For those who don't know, Hajin is Mir's nephew and Soju is his puppy.

MBLAQ in PaTi PaTi Magazine (Japanese)

MBLAQ in Arena37 Special Magazine (Japanese)

MBLAQ in Chinese Epop no. 299 (Malaysian)

Q : What is one gift that you once received and it left a deep impression ?

Mir : Comic books and my nephew’s gifts ~ Keke ! Since young I like to read comic books , always has a hobby of collecting comic books , but that time is still a student , hence all are second-hand books ! Actually planned that after debut go and buy all new comic books , take it as own collectibles , but didn’t thought that fans had prepared it specially and give to me as a gift ! I had been keeping them with care. In future when I buy a larger house , must find a place to keep them properly ! Um.. Also I dote a lot on my nephew , hence fans will also send me gifts for my nephew , keke !
G.O : A big frame that contained all my photos !
Thunder : On my birthday , I received a keyboard ~ Also because after I received the keyboard , I started composing !
Joon : A very thin and long bamboo lady doll ~ During ‘singles festival’ * , I received it from fans ! Now I still will hug it and sleep , it feels very comfortable !

Q : How do you guys keep gifts from fans ?

G.O : We have our own cabinet , hence fans’ gifts will be placed inside ~ If there is too much things , we will place it in our changing room. [They have a room for all their clothes]
Thunder : Besides placing in cabinet , some times our gifts are placed on bed or under bed ~ Keke !
Joon : My mum will regularly come and ‘collect’ my gifts , hence gifts will be safe-keep at home !

Q : When there is no schedules , what will you guys do ?

Seungho : Attend class or go to composer’s studio and play ~ Some times will go back home , gather with family which I didn’t meet for very long. Also will gather and chat with my home town friends ! If there is chance , I will go watch movie and have meals together with the members !
Thunder : At home watch <<Crayon Shinchan>> , keke !
Joon : Meet up with friends ~ If not whole day is eat and sleep , keke ! Previously because of keep exercise and let own body unable to take it , whole body aches , even bones and joints keep having pain after exercising. At last I couldn’t tolerate it and give up , like this my sleeping time is longer , keke ~ Because every time if exercise , I could only sleep for 30 minutes. Now after ending schedules , I will drink a can of beer before going to sleep ! Haha !
MBLAQ : Besides going to cinema to watch movies , we will stay at dormitory watch movie ! Haha !
Seungho : Really want to take a photo of our dormitory’s living room and show everyone ~ Keke ! Dormitory’s TV shelf is not those normal shelf , but is speakers ~ Our sofa is previous house owner left it here , so sofa is really very huge , we will lie on it and watch TV ~ Keke !

Q : Leejoon doesn’t have much research on electric appliances ?

Joon : Yes ~ Maybe because my parents never value these , my house’s furnitures never even change before ~ Haha ! Our dormitory’s TV although not counted very good , at least is flat screen. My house’s TV is still those bump kind. 18 years ago bought the video player is still using at my house ! Haha ~
Seungho : When I am still in trainee days and once went to Joon’s house repair computer , after that his mum keep look for me ~ That time their house is still using old design of monitor.
Joon : That time very happy , because changed computer’s monitor to LCD , haha !

Q : After debut , the biggest change is …

Seungho : I actually do not like to go crowded places , but after debut , very often will go and watch movies with members. Slowly became to like places crowded with people ! Keke !
Mir : My way of relieving stress I think ~ In the past always will buy things to relieve stress ~ Keke ~ From “wish to buy” became “find what to buy” , from relieve stress became pouring money (anyhow spending money) !

Q : Did the rest of the members thought of challenging acting like Leejoon ?

Thunder : Thought of before… But still had not prepared properly , wish that ownself will do well in practice then go do ! Actually the rest of the members also have this thoughts , also thinking when all the members can try acting !

Q : The time when you feel yourself is the most handsome is …

Mir : When in high school year 2 , keke ! At that time my popularity is very high ~ Now everytime when I go back home and flip my own photos at that time , will always feel that I am very handsome , haha !
Thunder : Current 22 years old me , and will continue to become more handsome !
Joon : I in high school , because at that time my chin from any angle will look sharp , but now it is slightly longer ~ I actually do not mind , but hearing friends saying my chin line is nice , at that time I started to purposely chew squid to ‘save’ my chin. Now if closely touch my chin , there is prominent part , keke ! Previously while filming <<Ninja assassin>> , my nose was hurt by the knife , nose became flat !! If not my nose and chin looks nicer in the past !
Seungho : When I just got out of bed , because in the morning I seems a bit slimmer ! Keke !

Q : In 2011 , which group’s member do you wish to be closer with ?

Thunder : Sohee from Wonder Girls , I am her fan ! Although we record show together before , also perform at the same event overseas , but didn’t even speak a word ! Looks like I have to change my personality , keke !
Mir : I and idols group born in 1991 are very close ! Previously because of variety shows know a lot idol friends ~ That time I wish to be close with Nana (AfterSchool) and TaeYeon (SNSD). Now everything became a reality , is very close relationship !
Seungho : I also have singer friends ~ Keke ! But a lot only known each other for half a year or a few months , so I will work harder and know them better ! I and 2PM’s Junsu and Taecyeon are quite good friends , actually Junsu should call me hyung , but he keep insist that his birthday is at start of the year , hence even if die also say he is 87 line , keke ! He and Joon are born in the same year , birthday also at start of the year , but Joon is very good and call me hyung ! Keke !

Q : Is there any memorable event while preparing for new album ?

Joon : I remember when recording <<Rust>> this song , I used not even 30 minutes and finished recording… Reason is that my filming of drama and recording of song the time clash together , so every time recording’s duration couldn’t be too long. Furthermore , I have to go for recording during filming break ~ Also the members spent few days to record <<Cry>> , I could only finish it in midnight. These are few things I feel regretful ! Actually I wish to present and edit it more perfect , but the time doesn’t fit , this time really left a lot regrets !
Mir : When recording <<Rust>> the time , I and hyungs went recording studio together , because I am being arranged at the last , so waited for 6 to 7 hours. after that composer was sorry to tell me that he decided to not have rap , however he arranged me to read the dialogue at the start of the song… So I waited for 7 to 8 hours but ended very quickly ! Hahaha !
G.O : Everytime after recording of songs , always will have a lot regrets , because our personality is very cautious !! Although during recording , teacher will say OK , but when back to dormitory and listen , will always feel that ownself able to do better. So will ask teacher to let me record one more time , at last teacher allows me to retry , but will realise that what I did is worse nthan the previous time. The feelings I want to find previously can’t be found , very embarrassing ~ In the end still use the first time the state and retry ! Keke !

* : In China , Singles festival is a festival for all singles on every year 11th November. In Korea , it is black valentine day , a very formal festival for all singles , is on 14th April. It is for those who on valentine day and white valentine day (white day) did not received any gifts. Singles will gather together and eat black bean noodles (jajangmyeon).

AbsoluteMBLAQ: Pati Pati, Arena37
MBLAQism: Epop scan, translation

Translation is a bit awkward but understandable.
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