11:55 pm - 03/15/2011

Gay filmmaker Kim Jho Kwang-soo announces his marriage to a younger man

Kim Jho Kwang-soo (46) made an announcement to marry a 19 years younger male and has been an issue.

Announcing his marriage on the 15th, he also determined to get his marriage recognized by law. Not a transgender, he is the second to come out of the closet besides Hong Seok-cheon in the entertainment industry and is well known as an earnest and progressive filmmaker.

He is a middle aged movie maker who established movie company Cheong Nyon Films and started being active in the mid 1990s.

Unique and mellow movie "Wanee and Junah" with top star Kim Hee-seon and rookie Joo Jin-mo was the movie that gave him the lift to fame.

This movie didn't succeed greatly but it was overwhelming in issue and was acknowledged as skilled for having cast Kim Hee-seon.

He didn't come out of the closet then but it was widely known that he was gay among movie makers. His intentions seemed definite when he kept bringing in gay police officers in the movie "Wanee and Junah".

He chased two hares at once as the recently produced "Detective K" gathered great success.

Nate, Hancinema
yuukihitohira 16th-Mar-2011 04:41 am (UTC)
LMAO IKR!? like I find them absolutely adorable(well...I find every combination of DBSK absolutely adorable, but let's not delve into that OTL) but like aflskjfsahfd there really is a time and place for everything and when you can't recognize that(like those who bring the yunjae banners to concerts homin are at or jyj's concerts, ugh my heart T_T;), you really need to check yourself :|

lmao btw, I always see your icon everywhere and I love it sfm, Jaejoong you are just so special, ide T_T ♥
anconeous 16th-Mar-2011 04:47 am (UTC)
People bring Yunjae banners in HoMin or JYJ events?! Ugh. Kinda like that fan who gave Jaejoong's Intermodulation photobook as a present to Yunho in his birthday fanmeet. He got it when he was onstage. AWKWARD MUCH?!
yuukihitohira 16th-Mar-2011 04:51 am (UTC)
Yes, they do unfortunately T_T and then there were the times like when JYJ did the secret show in NYC, a fan yelled out yunjae randomly when they were talking and just :((( same goes for the fan who asked Yunho at one of the fansigning event about Jae and then another fan who asked him if he liked Jae or Karam(from The Boss) better and laksdjfhalksjfh


and omg, i actually didn't hear that about Yunho's birthday lajflkasfh poor thing :(((
scarletpeonies 16th-Mar-2011 04:49 am (UTC)
I ship them all together, in every OT3/OTP permutation but a huge soft spot is reserved for JYJ because those fools. I can't help but ship. T_T

They were so stupidly qt together, okay. ;_; Yunho used to try fanservicing so hard and Jaejoong would awkwardly go along with it and then they'd just fail together. How could you not ship those fools, how. ;_;

Can they just stop with the YunJae banners. ._. And making them sign dumb autographed YJ pix. ._. Why can't ya cray cray shippahs be kewl like me and re-watch YunJae pre-deb videos and sniff miserably in a corner, wae you gotta push your delusional ship on our oppars lmfao. xD #WAE

spidey! jeje stealing fangirl and fanboy hearts, milluns at a time. xD;; with gr8 looks comes gr8 responsiblity.
yuukihitohira 16th-Mar-2011 04:57 am (UTC)
I hear you OTL though tbh, I was a bit cautious about JYJ at first because I just didn't get the whole jaesu dynamic...but now I do T___T ♥ now I can say that I literally ship every pairing, #wailt

Omg ikr :((( just with all the touching and thigh patting and awkward looks :( Plus the fact that they just LOOK good together, lmao /shallow

But yes, they really need to stop with them T_T every time I see a picture of one that's at a JYJ event or HoMin event, my heart just breaks for Yunho or Jaejoong because that's probably like the biggest stab in the chest when you're at an event that you're supposed to be happy and smiling at T_T; Sigh, I just always go back and just youtube yunjae when I'm bored and then go on a tearful downspiral of the abyss of youtube for a few hours OTL /RAMBLES /FANDOM IS SRSBSNS /ETC ETC .___.

lmao crying irl laskdjfhsdfjh I can't wait until they come back to the states ;A;
scarletpeonies 16th-Mar-2011 05:09 am (UTC)
LOL, JaeSu. Jaejoong tries so hard but dongsaeng still doesn't want. T_T Still, that recent moob-gropage was a massively huge development. Except Yoochun trolled us all. We will never know if it was intended or not. That trollface. ♥ I am without shame too. T_T

So awkward. So, so, so awkward. The best YJ moments were when they weren't too aware of the camera lmao. *_*

Yes, exactly. ._. Some of these crays aren't even pubescents lol.

I always do that. YT YunJae fanvideos and squee over the qt. ♥ /FANDOM TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER ALL PRIORITIES ._.

ikr. need vidyo of jyj shopping together at walmart lol.

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