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here's your cast of Korea's Ocean's Eleven

When the “Korean Ocean’s Eleven” was first announced a couple months ago, we knew we could expect a big-name cast, from the attachment of A-lister Lee Jung-jae (The Housemaid) and based on the pattern established by the Hollywood franchise. And yup, the project has now brought onboard a whole slew of famous faces, starting with Jeon Ji-hyun (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan), who re-teams with Lee after first starring with him in the lovely romantic film Il Mare back in 2000.

The movie is titled Thieves and centers around a heist in a Macau casino; the prize is a multimillion-dollar diamond called “The Sun’s Tear.” Heading the “once-in-a-lifetime cast” is Lee Jung-jae playing the mastermind, with Jeon playing a loud-mouthed, curse-up-a-storm type of thief (my kinda girl!) who specializes in jewelry and art. Then there’s Korea’s veteran glamourpuss Kim Hye-soo (Home Sweet Home, Tazza) playing a familiar role, the femme fatale, though this one also is a master safecracker.

“National actor” Kim Yoon-seok (The Chaser, Jeon Woo Chi) also stars, as well as other famous veterans like Oh Dal-soo (The Fixer, Bang-ja Chronicle) and “Korea’s Mom” Kim Hae-sook (Life Is Beautiful, Thirst).

Thieves is helmed by a man who knows how to mix crime, action, and comedy; Choi Dong-hoon directed Tazza, The Big Swindle, and Jeon Woo Chi. It’ll begin shooting in May.

Lee Jung Jae

Jeon Ji-hyun

Kim Hye-soo

Kim Yoon Seok

Kim Hae Sook

Oh Dal-soo

seoul news via dramabeans
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