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Reasons why Jang Ja Yeon's letter is fake

The National Institute of Scientific Investigation have revealed that the handwriting on Jang Ja Yeon's document doesn't match up with her autograph handwriting. Anxiety and question is growing over the basis of this revelation.

Document Imaging Division's Yang Hoo Yul stated that the spelling errors and strokes were not Jang Ja Yeon's.

Chief Yang, "During Jang Ja Yeon's lifetime, she uses the proper form of 'a lot' (많이) however the letter repeatedly used the slang term of 'a lot' (마니).

"The way she wrote her ㅇ's and ㅂ's were different from what Jang Ja Yeon would normally use"

"Jang Ja Yeon writes her 요's in one stroke whereas the letter's 요 has multiple strokes."

"The penmanship on the letter is very rigid and Jang Ja Yeon has been seen to be more flexible with her letters."

He said that the handwriting was very similar to a Whistleblower named Jun Mo (31)

Jang Ja Yeon uses 짓, 듯하다, 바닥, 현재
while Jun uses 짖, 듣하다, 바닦, 현제

translated by: sundrunk
source: naver

i wish this article was longer and elaborated more on the whistleblower bit
how disrespectful towards the deceased
Tags: death/suicide/funeral,
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