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The aftermath of Jang Ja-yeon’s letter fabrication announcement

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No more investigation?

Police reopened the case on the second anniversary of her suicide on March 7.

The new letters depicted the ordeal Jang endured and identified the 31 people she was forced to “serve,” calling them demons.

Jeon, now serving a prison term for rape and fraud, claimed the actress visited him in prison several times and sent numerous letters between 2005 and just days before her death in 2009.

But police and forensic scientists confirmed Wednesday the letters and all allegations raised by Jeon were “entirely false and groundless.”

“It turned out that the letters were not written by the late actress. And no personal relationship between Jang and Jeon was found,” Kim Gap-sik, a chief investigator at Gyeonggi Police Agency, told reporters in a televised news briefing.

Citing investigation reports from police and forensic scientists, Kim said, “The man has been suffering from a mental illness and it seems that he wrote the letters and raised false allegations in a deluded state.”

The investigator said the man took an interest in the actress following her death and collected relevant information through mail correspondents and Internet searches to write the disputed letters.

“He has received medical treatment for mental illness. His friends in prison testified he habitually pledged he would retaliate for Jang’s hardship and establish an entertainment agency after his release,” the investigator explained, adding the man still insists that the letters are genuine.

He said police will not continue the investigation at the moment but they will willingly reopen the case if fresh, creditable evidence emerges in the future.

Following the announcement, SBS said it will respect the result. “We have no choice but to respect the findings provided by the National Forensic Service, which is the most creditable investigator of this kind,” SBS said in a statement.

Probe into entertainment industry

The third largest broadcaster has claimed its forensic scientists had confirmed this before running the report that the handwriting in the letters was identical to that of Jang.

Police said they will launch a large-scale crackdown on sexual abuse of fledging entertainers by their agency bosses for the next four months.

Those coercing hopefuls to entertain TV producers or other media firm executives in exchange for casting will be subject to intense scrutiny, police said.

They will also clamp down on those extorting performance fees from rookie entertainers.

Meanwhile, major portal websites were bombarded with messages criticizing the police announcement. They raised strong suspicions over the transparency of the investigation. Some alleged police covered up key evidence to save influential figures.

“The result was predestined regardless of the investigation,” one message read.

Jang hanged herself at her home in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province on March 7, 2009, leaving a suicide note indicating that she had suffered severe mental distress due to being forced to have sex with dozens of high-profile figures. She was 27.

Source: Park Si-soo @ The Korea Times
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